Carrboro Farmers’ Market and Orange County Solid Waste Management partner to offer free food waste drop ofF program for local residents and market attendees!

The Carrboro Farmers' Market partners with Orange County Solid Waste Management to offer a free food waste drop-off for local residents and Farmer’s Market attendees every Saturday Market Day year round! Participants can bring all food scraps (veggie scraps and all meat, bones and dairy too) and food related paper such as paper napkins and paper plates.  This is not your backyard compost—the collected organic waste will be composted through a commercial composting company—Brooks Contractors.

There is a catch—we can’t do this without Compost Collection VOLUNTEERS, to educate about the compost collection and monitor the collection carts. If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new program, please email Blair Pollock at or Anthony Gagnon at