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Box Turtle Bakery

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Carrboro, NC - A home-based bakery started in 2009 with a mission of locally sourced ingredients, whole grains, and hearth-baked breads. Abraham Palmer, the manager and baker, freshly mills all of the flour and cracked grains he uses in his bread and bakes on a large masonry oven for a true hearth-bread crust. Selections will vary, but include sourdough hearth breads, honey wheat, sourdough dark rye, spelt tortillas, sourdough english muffins, scones, chocolate almond biscotti, and more. 

Box Turtle Bakery sells at the Saturday Market.

Production Practices: Significant work to obtain local, organic grown ingredients. All flour is freshly milled and contains the germ and no white flour is used in the bakery. All ingredients are listed on the labels. Basic precautions are taken to avoid putting large parts of allergens from one recipe into another.