Wiseacre Farm

(919) 542-4288     laurieheise@mindspring.com

Pittsboro, NC - Laurie Heise, with the assistance of her husband John, has been growing and selling on 2 acres since 1987.  She grows seasonal vegetables, plant starts, and blueberries, and has an heirloom apple orchard featuring southern varieties.

Wiseacre Farm sells at the Saturday Market.

Growing Practices: 
Wiseacre Farm is not certified organic, for reasons related to expense and paperwork.  However...

We do not use synthetic fertilizers.  We DO use animal manures and cover crops to build soil fertility.

We do not use herbicides.  We DO use crop rotation, mulch, hoes, and tractor cultivation to control weeds.

The ONLY pesticides we use are those in which the active ingredients have been approved by organic certifiers for use by organic growers.

If you have questions, please ask!