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Website            orbydareorchard@eml.cc

Cedar Grove, NC – Orby Dare Orchard is a small farm located in the northwestern corner of Orange County. Planted in the fall of 2015, our orchard contains over 20 different fruit and nut crops. Many of these crops, such as maypops, goumi, and jujubes are unusual and, we think, under-appreciated. We maintain 20 to 30 hives in our apiary and at Elysian Fields Farm.

Shelley Rogers manages the farm with the help of her partner (Vincent Toups), mother (Phyllis Rogers), and a northern harrier that returns every fall to keep the vole population in check.

Orby Dare Orchard sells at the Wednesday market.

Growing Practices – We focus on crops that can withstand the high insect and disease pressure of the southeast. In our orchard, we maintain a perennial cover crop of orchardgrass and clover (for the bees) under the trees. We are zealous in our use of low tunnels covered with exclusion netting and/or plastic to protect crops from certain insect pests, birds, and disease. We not use synthetic pesticides in our orchard or hives.