Mu Tar K'Paw Gardens

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Chapel Hill, NC - Tri Sa was a subsistence farmer in Burma before she arrived in the United States as a refugee, bringing with her a lifetime of farming and plant knowledge. Cing Neam is a Chin refugee who comes from Burma. Her Family had a very large farm in Burma where they grew wet rice, vegetables, corn, potatoes, and yellow beans. They have found that many of the native crops that grew in Burma will also grow in North Carolina, and they specialize in those crops as well as growing more traditional NC vegetables and fruits.  Tri Sa's daughters Tha Dah Wah and P’saw Wah also help with production and marketing.  Mu Taw K'Paw Gardens is located on 1.5 acres of the Transplanting Traditions Community Farm.  Mu Taw K'Paw roughly translates to "Everything comes from sunlight. Everyone needs sunshine."

Mu Tar K'Paw Gardens sells at the Wednesday Market and Saturday Market.

Growing Practices: I grow everything without chemicals, as this is how I learned to farm in Burma.   We use hoop houses and greenhouse to help extend the season for many tropical crops I grow. I use cover crops to increase the fertility of the soil and mulch to protect it and save water. I use drip irrigation to save water, which is important at our community farm. I use trellising techniques I learned in Burma to save space and create shady spaces for crops that like shade and for people to be. I work the land by hand, sometimes I use a walk-behind tiller.