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Laughing Spirit Farm


Graham, NC - Rob, Melissa, Ashlyn, and Schuyler Tolbert make up the family farm that is Laughing Spirit.  The Tolberts grow oyster, shiitake, reishi, and lion's mane mushrooms along with fruits and vegetables.  Laughing Spirit Farm has a dedicated mushroom house and lab, as well as mushroom log areas in their woods.

Laughing Spirit Farm sells at the Saturday Market.

Growing Practices: we use sustainable farming strategies.  We have a few simple rules: our kids must be able to eat straight out of the garden. We do not use anything that might hurt our bees. We do not use any synthetic pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers.  We use cover cropping, composting, and our mushroom substrate as fertilizer. We grow all our row crops from seed in our green house or in the field, and practice crop rotation.