Grandma's Garden

Chapel Hill, NC - Marjorie Oakley has been with the Market since it first opened.  Her mother Ida Lunsford sold at the Market and Marjorie has continued to do so.  Her daughter Pam has continued the tradition: Marjorie and Pam have two separate businesses, but sell flowers, fruit and vegetables side by side at Market. Marjorie leads the produce side of things, and Pam does the wreathes and vases. Margie's grandchildren Reade and Olivia also help out at the Market, making it a truly multi-generational undertaking!

Grandma's Garden sells at the Saturday Market.

Growing practices: Grandma's Garden uses a combination of synthesized and organically derived soil amendments. No pesticides of any sort (herbicides, insecticides or fungicides) just a good ol' squashing when they can be located, along with the promotion of natural deterrents (integrated pest management).