Brinkley Farms

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Creedmoor, NC - Brinkley Farms is a 4th generation family farm run by Michael and Jennifer Brinkley.  While originally used for tobacco, the farm has diversified its vegetable crop since the late 1990's. The Brinkley family now raise approximately 50-60 acres of produce and 300-350 acres of grain and hay to compliment their livestock production. They sell a variety of vegetables, fruit, poultry/livestock, eggs, and value added products made form farm ingredients at market. 

Brinkley Farms sells at the Wednesday and Saturday Markets.

Growing Practices: Conventional farm that uses some fertilizers and pesticides. Cover crops are used to control erosion and build the soil. Soil sampling and tissue analysis are used to apply the correct amount of fertilizer and specific pesticides are used to target specific bug and disease problems. No spray programs are utilized. Overall hope to make the farm sustainable for the future.