Strawberry Balsamic Jam


6 cups6 cups mashed strawberries
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
3 cups sugar
1 package low-sugar/no-sugar pectin
1 T butter (optional)


Gather your canning supplies and sterilize your jars, lids and seals.


Heat water in your extremely large water bath canner until it just begins to boil


In a small bowl, mix pectin with about 1/2 cup of the sugar


In a large pot, add strawberries, pectin/sugar mixture, and butter. Continue cooking until it begins to boil rapidly - it should continue boiling even when stirred.


Add remaining sugar. Bring back to a hard boil, and continue boiling for one minute.


Remove from heat and add balsamic vinegar.


Carefully ladle into jars, leaving at least a 1/4" space from the top.

Put on lids + rings.

Process jars in water bath for 5-15 minutes.

Remove from water bath and place on counter for 24 hours before storing. You can remove the rings at this point if desired.