Understory Farm

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Carrboro, NC - Understory Farm has been in operation Since 2014. Right now we're growing three different species of oyster mushrooms indoors year round, we have a little bit of seasonal outdoor shiitake, and king stropharia production. We wild harvest other types of mushrooms seasonally and we produce oyster mushroom grow kits. We produce 200-250lbs of oyster mushrooms per week right here in beautiful Carrboro.

Understory Farm sells at the Wednesday Market. 

Growing Practices: The mushrooms grow on a straw and cottonseed hull based substrate that is pasteurized inoculated and packed into bags. After two weeks in the incubation room, the bags are moved into the grow rooms where they fruit 3-4 times with each fruiting separated by 10-14 days. We use a bleach solution for disinfecting surfaces, hydrogen peroxide and lime to treat mold, and bti and sticky traps to control fungus gnats. Nothing gets sprayed on the mushrooms.