Town Commons Renovations Delayed!

There will be limited parking in Town Commons lots to make space for Market vendors during renovations. See Map Below!

Update 12/7/2016 - This project has been further delayed, and will likely start in 2017. We will post more updates when we have more details. 

Update 11/8/2016 - The construction schedule for this project has been delayed slightly, and we are now expecting a start date sometime in December. We will keep you posted! 

Prior to 1996, the Market space was a public ball field, and you might notice that the Market takes that same shape! We still refer to the vendors outside of the shelters as our “outfield” vendors. We often hear from customers that remember playing ball games in the space back in the day and shopping at our original location behind Armadillo Grill.

It’s been 20 years since the Market moved into our current location at the Carrboro Town Commons, and the Town of Carrboro has been an incredibly accommodating host to us. The Market has grown tremendously over the last 20 years, with more vendors selling more produce to more customers for more days every year that we could have originally imagined! The Town Commons has also become a hub for community gathering outside of market days, hosting everything from dance practices and tai chi sessions to large concerts, beer festivals, races, food truck rodeos, weddings and more.

Over the past few years, The Town of Carrboro has been working on plans to improve and upgrade the Town Commons to make it a more accommodating public space for the Market and other special events and gatherings, and we are thrilled to announce that the Carrboro Board of Aldermen recently gave their final approval of the improvement plans! The Town Commons will be getting a makeover! Improvements include regraded and re-established grassy areas, designated walkways, added seating and bike parking, repairs and enhancements to Market pavilions, improved lighting, the addition of a public restroom and more!

The Town Commons has seen quite a bit of wear and tear of the years, and these upgrades will help ensure that this Market continues to be a vibrant space for the next generations of community members and farmers! We are incredibly grateful to the Town of Carrboro for their commitment to the community and the Market.

Renovations are slated to begin in sometime in December and the market WILL be open during renovations!

Here's what you need to know: 

  •    We are planning to stay in our same location during the renovations. Vendors will be setting up in the Town Commons shelters and also in the Town Commons Parking lot. 
  • There will be very limited space for customer parking in the Town Commons parking lot, but have no fear! There are over 100 spaces within a 5 minute walk from the Market! Check out this parking map below. 
    • Town Hall Entrance Lot - 7 spaces and Handicap Accessible
    • Fidelity Street Parking - Over 30 spaces
    • Laurel Ave Public Lot - 15 spaces 
    • Weaver Street Public Lot - 30 spaces 
    • Bim Street Parking 
    • Laurel Avenue Street Parking
    • Akai Hana, Chapel Hill Tire, and PNC Bank Lots 
    • NO Farmers' Market Customer Parking in 02 Fitness Lot