South Wind Produce

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Rougemont, NC - South Wind Produce was established in 2014 by Miles Okal and Angie Raines. Our 47 acre farm is located about 27 miles from Carrboro. We specialize in seasonal vegetables, fruits, rice and dry beans. All of our products are grown with an emphasis on the health of our community and the land.

South Wind Produce sells at the Wednesday and Saturday Market.

Growing Practices: Our farmland is in it's second year of transition to Certified Organic. We have always believed that the health of our crops and our community centers on the soil and the land. We practice cover cropping, crop rotation and periods of rest from vegetable production to keep our soils alive and to build organic matter. We are careful in our pest management system to encourage beneficial insects and microbial life. We grow our plants from seed with great care, and believe that healthy plants can better withstand pest and disease.