Photo by David Poulos

Photo by David Poulos

Heeks Farm

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Bahama, NC - David and Robyn Heeks started Heeks Farm in 2009 at the Breeze Incubator Farm before purchasing a farm in Bahama, where they currently have 6 acres under production. 

Heeks Farm sells at the Saturday Market.

Growing Practices: We grow all of our crops according to the USDA Organic Standards.  We use only natural fertilizers and insecticides approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).  We have 35 acres of fields, and we rotate our crops through the fields so we have a 3 year separation before a field is used for the same crop again.  We use a combination of cover crops and fallow when a field is not in use.  In the winter we grow all of our crops outside in fields using row covers for protection.  We have a small greenhouse which we use for starting transplants.