Growers and Cooks

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Durham, NC - We’re on a mission to support responsible growers and bring real stock back into home kitchens. Handmade in small batches, our products are always fresh, intensely flavorful, nutritious, and all-natural. We launched in late November 2015 and currently have three products with several more being rolled out this year: All-Purpose Chicken Stock, All-Purpose Vegetable Stock, and Southern Smoked Pork Stock. We are a very small business with about ten wholesale accounts and one other full-time Saturday farmers' market.

Growers & Cooks sells at the Wednesday market. 

Production Practices: We are concerned with making the healthiest and tastiest stocks around. That means sourcing high quality ingredients and cooking them with care. We gently simmer our stocks from two to six hours, depending on the type of stock. We use minimal aromatics, and no salt, so that the home cooks can customize the stock for their recipe. We will roll out some seasoned stocks later this year for home cooks who want a healthy meal with minimal prep.